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The role of cabotage during Black Friday


Having begun in the United States, Black Friday is a date for great deals that marks the beginning of the shopping preceding Christmas. The sales volume for Black Friday in Brazil has broken records year after year, proving that the date has entered the local calendar once and for all.

In order to satisfy the market demand, it is necessary to have a concise and organized structure of the entire chain involved. Starting from choosing and checking the availability of products to be put on offer, up until prices are decided, products reach the shelves and punctual deliveries are made in e-commerce sales, all steps need to be planned and executed to perfection.

Among the most successful product categories on Black Friday are electronics, home appliances and computer products, whose main source is the Manaus Free Trade Zone.

In the weeks leading up to Black Friday, thousands of containers are shipped from Manaus by cabotage across Brazil, bound for the Distribution Centers of major retailers.

This task would be virtually impossible to accomplish without the use of vessels that can carry up to 4,000 containers at once. In addition to the great logistical difficulty involved in shipping thousands of tons of goods by land, the transportation costs would make the season’s discounts unfeasible – which is the main reason for the success of Black Friday.

Cabotage ensures the transport of high volumes of products are being made at competitive costs, in addition to providing increased security, cargo integrity, punctuality, nation-wide coverage, as well as low emissions of CO2 and other harmful gases.

Aliança, a pioneer in ocean logistics in Brazil, provides services that facilitate the integration of different distribution centers in the country, including a wide network of intermodal services throughout the country.

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