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Logistics Solutions

We are market leaders in integrated logistics.
From end to end.

We offer smart solutions for your business, with superior efficiency, quality and competitive pricing.
From sea freight services to road transportation. From rails to waterways. In additon, storage services
and many others are available in order to provide security, flexibility, sustainability and efficiency to your logistics chain.

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End-to-end integrated logistics

Enhance the performance of your operation with logistics services by Aliança

We perform stuffing and stripping, cargo escort services for the entire trajectory, as well as countless options for storage in many terminals.

All of that, together with our team of experts, allows us to provide tailor-made solutions to your business.

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Check out examples of customized logistics operations:

Automotive industry / Motorcycle manufacturers

We support the logistics chain from end to end, moving raw materials and finished products from north to south of the country through our intermodal network.

Operation from south to north:

Raw materials for the manufacture of various products in Manaus, such as parts, components, steel, aluminum and chemical products from the south, southeast, northeast and north regions destined to be finished in the industrial area of the Free Trade Zone.

Operation from north to south:

We transport finished products straight out of factories in Manaus to large consumer centers in different regions of the country.

The first stretch is carried out by rail, moving raw materials from the Port of Santos to the city of Pindamonhangaba, where aluminum coils are produced. From there, the coils are transported to São José dos Campos, where cans are made that will then return to the Port of Santos and, via cabotage, to other ports, where they will be delivered by road transportation to the customer who will perform the packing process.

Factories perform the bottling/packaging of the final products – alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, soft drinks and water – and then we collect and move them to the north and northeast of the country.

Reverse logistics:

After consumption, we transport discarded cans to a recycling plant. Scrap aluminum cans are gathered at collection centers throughout the north and northeast regions. This cargo is taken to the Port of Santos, and then to São José via rail and back to the factory in Pindamonhangaba, where it will be used in coil manufacturing.

Types of cargo handled

We handle the transportation of various types of goods in containers, delivering it from end to end with security and speed until its final destination.

Learn what kinds of cargo can be transported.

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Find out how Aliança can be customized for your business.

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