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End-to-end intermodal transportation in Brazil is marked by the use of trucks as the first and last stage of integration with rail and cabotage services, mainly due to the great majority of companies being integrated into road networks. At Aliança, in addition to modal integration, it is possible to use our fleet for direct transport, without integration with other modes.

In order to provide the market with the best possible service offering and ample logistical capacity, Aliança has its own fleet of trucks, as well as partnerships with several road carriers, in addition to a modern control center that brings even more efficiency and security to the whole chain.

Logistics Management

The entirety of the trucking operation carried out by Aliança in Brazil is managed by the Control Tower located at the Operations Center in São Bernardo do Campo. There, a dedicated team monitors more than a thousand daily movements in real time, tracking schedules, managing risk, taking preventive actions and maintaining an active chain of communication. This is done through advanced technology that allows information to be integrated with the largest risk managers in the market.

With the joint effort of our teams in Customer Experience, Portal Cabotagem and the Control Tower, we provide customers with complete visibility, security and control of their logistics chain.

Our Fleet

Aliança is responsible for managing our own truck fleet, with hundreds of trucks divided between the regions of São Paulo and Manaus.

We are constantly evolving in order to provide more efficiency, quality and safety.

Most of our fleet has been in operation since 2019, and undergoes review every six months by the “Despoluir” program, responsible for detecting and controlling the volume of gas emissions to the atmosphere. In addition, all our drivers undergo training at SEST SENAT on a routine basis.

São Bernardo do Campo

The intermodal base of operations of Aliança Trucking is strategically located for easy access to both margins of the Port of Santos, as well as to the main roads that connect the port to the inner areas of the state of São Paulo.

We operate more than 200 trucks, 50 of which are our own assets, 40 are aggregates and the remaining units are from partner carriers.


Place of inception of Aliança Trucking in 2003, where a customized operation is carried out for the entire region of the Manaus Industrial Pole.

We have more than 40 trucks, 15 of which are our own and 210 are articulated trucks.

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