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When it comes to container transportation, we are the main partner of Brazilian railways, establishing important connections between the countryside and coast. Our commitment is to you, ensuring predictability and safety of transporting your cargo.

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The route of your cargo

We know that Brazilian railways are the pathway to efficiently transport and distribute large cargo volumes. Check out our map to see the extensive railway lines which we have partnership, establishing a robust and reliable infrastructure for you.

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Security and predictability

Brazilian railways are the ideal route to quickly and efficiently transportation of large cargo volumes.

In addition to minimizing the chances of accidents and cargo theft, railway transportation offers several advantages to your business. Our tracking and monitoring systems ensure real-time monitoring of the route and the integrity of your cargo.

Benefits of railway

  1. Punctuality and predictability in its operation.
  2. Flexibility of storage at railway terminals.
  3. Ensure the best cost-benefit ratio.
  4. Access the port and gain agility in transportation.
  5. Move large cargo volumes in a single mode.
  6. Increase sustainability with lower CO2 emissions.
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Discover how Aliança can optimize your logistics chain.

Our dedication to railway partnership is your assurance of reliable and efficient logistics, helping take your business to new heights. Explore the advantages of our railway transportation and make the right choice for the safety and effectiveness of your shipments.

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