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Cabotage is another name for coastal shipping between closely located ports in the same country.
The term derives from the surname of Sebastian Cabot, a Venetian navigator of the 16th century who explored who explored the Río de la Plata
in search of the mythical Sierra de la Plata. This is also the name of one of our vessels.

Throughout Brazil’s development, cabotage was widely used to connect regions,
particularly for the ports in Rio Grande, Santos, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. With the discovery of gold came railways (1854), which
connected mines to ports. It was only during the presidency of Washington Luís (1926) that Brazil directed is focus towards roads.

Today, 60% of the Brazilian population live as far as 200 km from the coast, making cabotage an essential
and strategic piece of integrated logistics in Brazil.

Aliança is both a pioneer and market leader in container cabotage in Brazil, transporting equipment,
products and goods quickly and efficiently.

  • 8 Vessels

  • 104 Stopovers

  • 15 Ports

To ensure we provide our customers with high-quality and reliable services, we count among our assets a fleet of
8 vessels in operation, navigating to and from 15 ports in Brazil, from Manaus to
Rio Grande, in a total of 104 monthly stopovers.

Cabotage Advantages


Cabotage offers competitive prices due to its high scalability.

Lower risk
of damage

Containers are handled carefully at the ports and virtually do not suffer any damage at sea.

More security
for your cargo

Our carefully planned sea routes prevent your cargo from being exposed to theft and other such risks.

and regularity

Our vessels move weekly, providing predictability and regularity to the logistics chain.


Cabotage releases up to 8 times less CO2 when compared to other modes.


Ferries are flat-bottomed river vessels. They are built with small drafts so that are able to operate close to the river banks, and in shallow, calm waters that are typical of rivers. Similarly to cabotage, it is an excellent example of a mode that uses natural pathways to ship great quantities of cargo safely, efficiently and sustainably.

With its integrated logistics, Aliança utilized this mode in 2020 to move over 300,000 thousand tons, and provides this solution in the North and South regions of Brazil with regular stopovers and high capacity.

Ferry Benefits

  • We are partnered with the largest operators in Brazil.
  • Lower CO2 emission compared to rail and road transports.
  • Advantageous transit times.
  • Greater load flow from the customer's plant.
  • Competitive costs (including storage at ports).
  • 3 ferries in operation:
    Vila do Conde x Belém
    Vila do Conde x Macapá / Santarém
    Rio Grande x Triunfo.

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