Cabotage is a type of ocean cargo transportation carried out on the coast of a country.
Ideal for long distances, it offers high transport capacity, safety and predictability,
as well as greater competitiveness, cost reduction and greater sustainability.

Aliança, the leader in cabotage in Brazil, operates a fleet of 9 container
vessels between 14 Brazilian ports.


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The ships come through on the same day every week, making it possible to schedule your logistics,
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Cabotage benefits

Cost reduction

Cabotage has competitive prices because it is a modal with a high gain of scale.

Reduced damage

The container is carefully moved throughout the process, thus bringing a lower risk of damage to your cargo.

More security
for your cargo

The journey by sea prevents your cargo from being exposed to theft and robbery.

Punctuality and

Our ships come through on a weekly basis, bringing predictability and regularity to the logistics chain.


8x less CO2 emission compared to other modals.

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Do you want to know more about cabotage?

On April 26th, 1956, an invention by transport entrepreneur Malcom McLean revolutionized the logistics industry
when 58 metal boxes departed from Newark for Houston in the United States. Thus, 66 years ago, container shipping was
invented, which brought a complete revolution to global trade.

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Some curiosities about Aliança:

We are the largest merchant marine in the country and our vessel Monte Sarmiento is the largest cabotage vessel in the country, with capacity for more than 5,660 containers. Get to know our fleet

Aliança handled the logistics for the largest object ever transported in a container vessel in the world: a 72-meter wind turbine blade. Learn more

Brazil has more than 8.000 km of coastline, and today 60% of the Brazilian population lives up to 200 km from the coast, which makes cabotage an essential and strategic part of Brazil's integrated logistics.

10x more women on board than the global average. Source: " BIMCO/ICS 2021 Seafarer Workforce Report "

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