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What we move from end to end

We transport various types of goods in containers from end to end, taking your
cargo from source to destination safely and quickly.

  • Food and drink

    We adapt your operation with the dedicated service and expertise required by your products and market segment.

  • Retail

    More efficiency for your operation. We offer continuous logistics following strict transportation standards and with the utmost attention to delivery due dates.

  • Refrigerated goods

    Containers with high humidity control technology and a wide temperature range, which allows the transport of any refrigerated cargo and lower CO2 emissions.

  • Industry

    We carry out your operation in an orderly fashion with flexibility and dedicated customer support. In addition, we provide resources for online quotation and tracking.

  • Agriculture

    Count on our ability to transport large volumes of cargo throughout Brazil, always ready to meet fluctuations in demand and yield.

Container Types

Discover the various options of containers we have available to determine the ideal service to request for your cargo:

Find the best type of container to transport your cargo.
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Dry Containers

The so-called "standard containers" are ideal for transporting dry cargo.

They are robust boxes of 20’ and 40’, meeting all requirements and standards regarding size and quality of container for sea and land transport, ensuring that your cargo reaches its final destination in an ideal state.

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Reefer Containers

Ideal for transporting perishable food, pharmaceutical products or any sort of goods that need refrigeration, “reefer” containers are the solution for many temperature-sensitive supply chains.

While transporting temperature-sensitive goods, refrigeration is decisive in order to ensure product quality and freshness.

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Special Containers and Project Cargo

For transporting high-volume, heavy-duty or high-density cargo, such as copper plates, heavy industrial machinery or even a helicopter, we utilize Open Top or Flat Rack containers.

Our experts on the Cargo Care team are responsible for supporting customers in planning the transportation of these products.

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Find out how Aliança can be customized for your business.

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