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Reefer Containers

Smart logistics solutions that connect your refrigerated cargo end to end.

Whether for food, pharmaceutical products, flowers or other perishable goods: when transporting temperature-sensitive goods, an integrally refrigerated chain is essential for maintaining quality.

Refrigerated containers are ideal for all types of cargo with controlled temperature – from -40 °C to 30 °C (-40 to 86 °F). We provide containers with controlled atmosphere technology and modified atmosphere, suited especially for transporting fruits and vegetables.

Aliança had its beginnings transporting refrigerated cargo between Brazil and Argentina. As a result, we have over 70 years of experience in this type of transport.

To increase transparency across the entire supply chain, our refrigerated containers are
equipped with RCM (Remote Container Management) devices. The use of this data transfer technology allows for real-time monitoring of cargo temperature and humidity levels.

This ensures unparalleled flexibility when it comes to data-driven decisions. Our team of
experts commits all their know-how so that your cargo arrives at its destination in the desired conditions.

Captain Peter – Your Virtual Assistant for Reefer Transport

Aliança offers logistics solutions that connect your reefer cargo from north to south of Brazil!

To ensure more security to your goods' logistics, now you can monitor the temperature and humidity of your cargo throughout the logistic chain and in real time.

Visibility of cargo
in transit
Satellite connection
on the vessel
Easy sharing
24-hour support
Data logging

Visibility of cargo in transit

See the status on temperature, humidity, and atmosphere levels


Satellite connection on the vessel

Stay updated on the status of your reefer - even while offshore


Easy sharing

Share specific details of the container with your stakeholders


Customized notifications

Get notified if there's something deviating from your plan


24-hour support

Answer your questions immediately


Data logging download

Download detailed container chart data


24-hour visibility


Track record

Overview of the main events during the reefer journey

Access now!

Below are some products that use our intermodal solutions throughout Brazil:

  • Carnes

    Frozen poultry,
    pork and beef;

  • Congelados

    Industrialized and
    ready-to-eat foods;

  • Peixes

    Frozen fish
    and seafood;

  • Refrigerados

    Margarine, dairy products, chocolate;

  • hortaliças

    Fruits, onions, garlic and the like

20' Standard Reefer Container

Dimensions (ft)
Length 20' Width 8' Height 8'6"
Dimensions (mm)
Length 5.470–5.555 Width 2.290 Height 2.266–2.324
Max. height
to red loading line (mm)
    Height 2.191-2.249
Doors (mm)
  Width 2.296 Height 2.290
Weights (kg) Gross 30.480 Tare 2.500–3.050 Payload 27.100–27.980
Volume (m3) 30 The dimensions, weights and volumes data described here are average figures.

40' High Cube Reefer Container*

Dimensions (ft)
Length 40' Width 8' Height 9'6"
Dimensions (mm)
Length 11.586-5.610 Width 2.280-2.310 Height 2.490–2.576
Max. height
to red loading line (mm)
    Height 2.430-2.507
Doors (mm)
  Length 2.288-2.310 Height 2.490-2.576
Weight (kg) Gross 30.800 Tare 4.260–4.900 Payload 29.900–30.540
Volume (m³) 67,10-68,70 *Various equipment types are available (AFAM+, XtendFRESH™, EverFRESH™).
The dimensions, weights and volumes data described here are average figures. For special cargo, contact Aliança.

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