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How integrated logistics can lead your company to the best results


The pandemic has brought a new reality upon people and enterprises. We began 2021 under the impacts of a new wave of coronavirus infections while still trying to recover from last year’s recession. It has never been as important to be quick and efficient when making business decisions.

Among so many challenges, it is paramount to reassess ourselves and control each step of the process, in order to avoid any surprises or hindrances in addition to those we’ve already been facing over the last few months. And it’s in this regard exactly that integrated logistics can make a difference for your business.

How will integrated logistics help advance my projects?

In addition to streamlining processes, integrated logistics contributes towards limiting costs. 

The idea that a single department should be responsible for logistics is a thing of the past. Today, logistics is considered a strategic – one could even say vital – business area for companies aiming to keep their competitive edge. By enabling mutual connections between all of the company divisions, integrated logistics allows for predicting and solving problems related to delays, deadlines and additional costs – before they turn into losses and bigger predicaments.

The benefits are clear

When this process works as an interconnected and properly adjusted system, there is minimal possibility for time, work and money to be wasted. For that to happen, behind cutting-edge technology there must be qualified professionals planning, performing and tracking every step until the product reaches the hands of the end consumer.

When shared, all of the data that is generated along the production chain can help define the best delivery strategies for each product. To collect, analyze and use this information to optimize businesses is the task of Aliança, which has dedicated its work towards improving logistics for over 70 years. 

Our history was built on our expertise with cabotage (coastal shipping), but we have gone beyond and have become specialists in integrated logistics, operating in all stages of the process, from end to end. We know there are people working behind the scenes in our business, and that behind every delivery, every piece of machinery, there lies a story. For that reason, we help to connect these people to their projects and dreams. This is our goal and what makes us different.

Jaime Batista

Head of Sales Cabotage

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