Aliança has a wide range of containers extending far beyond the traditional 20-foot or 40-foot boxes. This enables us to take account of the most varied customer requirements individually and offer the greatest possible cargo care. Aside from the usual standard containers, our state-of-the-art equipment includes reefer containers (for refrigerated cargo), open top containers and flat racks, among others. So, whether you want to ship beef, high-quality food fish, a yacht or a combine harvester, Hamburg Süd supplies just the right container – and just the right service to go with it.

Dimensions, weights and volumes are average measurements. In case of special requirements please contact your local Hamburg Süd office.

Reefer Brochure

This brochure has been specially designed to provide you with a comprehensive guide to every aspect of temperature-controlled transportation. It is an invaluable source of information on such vital topics as recommended temperatures, ideal stowage patterns and optimum product handling prior to shipment.

It goes without saying that our logistics and technical specialists around the globe remain on hand to give you additional advice and support whenever you need it. And you can rest assured that our reefer technicians on board our ships and at the terminals maintain a watchful eye on the condition of the cargo at all times, ensuring that your instructions are followed and your requirements met.

Reefer Brochure (PDF, 4796 KB)