In a country like Brazil with over 7,400 kilometers of coastline and 80% of the population living within 200 kilometers of the coast, cabotage is simply the most viable alternative and fundamental to the logistics chain, offering productivity gains for transported cargos, competitiveness, and security, as well as providing socio-environmental advantages.

Aliança Navegação e Logística has invested in this transport mode and is the pioneer in the rebirth of container movement between Brazilian ports.

Aliança cabotage is truly a door-to-door transport service, combining speed and economy through planning multimode operations that use the best of each transport mode – maritime, rail and roadway – resulting in sustainable transport with low CO2 emissions that also generates more jobs than other modes.

Aliança’s configuration of services means greater market coverage with direct routes between the principal ports and complete service for the North, Northeast, South and Southeast regions of Brazil and Mercosul.